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We've updated The Delivery Book - a book to help teams deliver

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Paper copy of The Delivery Book

After we published our bog post on The Delivery Book in February, we said we'd update it based on your feedback and to share the latest version. Here it is. It provides you with the tools to take an idea and develop it into a policy or service designed around the needs of the people who'll use it.

How supporting graduates sooner could improve their work experience choices

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We wanted to get a better understanding of how graduates make choices about their future employment. And we were also keen to hear what they thought about graduate internships. Helen Snowden talks here about what our multidisciplinary team learned from their users.

Our Lab is recruiting people to design user centred policy and services

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People in a room discussing content on an 'agile' wall

We're advertising a range of job opportunities​: Lead ​S​ervice ​D​esigner​, Service ​D​esigner​, U​ser ​R​esearcher​s​, Behavioural ​Insights ​A​dvisor​ and ​a Senior ​B​usiness ​A​nalyst​. The closing date is 24 April. Find out more in this post.​