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About DfE Digital

DfE Digital is part of the Department for Education (DfE). We are a community of digital professionals who work across the whole department transforming how we meet our users’ needs.

We do this by  building excellent services that are user-centred and easy to use, and by improving people’s digital skills and capabilities.

We show how our work helps educational professionals

This blog is for the UK’s digital community, as well as educational professionals, civil servants, and members of the public who may be interested in our work.

We talk about how our user research, service design and digital delivery supports people on the frontline working in schools, colleges, universities, nurseries and social care.

We explain how we put the user at the heart of everything we do, and showcase the evidence-based work that highlights the positive impact digital is having.

We believe in working in the open because making things open makes them better. We tell stories about what we’ve done, our approach and our culture.

Get in touch and find out more

We welcome feedback so if you have comments or questions, please get in touch. We’re on Twitter @dfedigital.

Read our comments and moderation policy.

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