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We're hiring

DfE Digital and Technology is hiring. There's a list of vacancies below.

We’re looking for people to help us build excellent user-centred services. Our work supports people on the frontline working in schools, colleges, universities, nurseries and social care.

You can see all of our vacancies on Civil Service jobs. Search for Department for Education in the 'Organisation' field.

Our work 

DfE Digital and Technology is part of the Department for Education (DfE). It’s our job to transform DfE so we can better meet our users’ needs.

We do this by building excellent services that are user-centred and easy to use and by improving people’s digital skills and capabilities.

Our work supports the DfE in its vision to provide world-class education, training and care for everyone, whatever their background. We're proud to support the Diversity Charter.  

Who we're looking for

We're looking for talented and enthusiastic candidates who are excited by the challenge of designing user-centred policies and services for the public.

We work in multidisciplinary teams which have a rich mix of people with digital skills. Some positions are junior, others are more senior. And some are leaders of their particular digital profession. Typically our teams recruit people into these roles:

  • delivery managers
  • product managers
  • user researchers
  • developers
  • technical architects
  • content designers
  • policy designers
  • service designers
  • interaction designers

As you can see we hire different types of designers to shape and iterate our services. In this video some of them talk about their design specialism.

What we value

Leading cultural change, improving people’s leadership and digital capability, and delivering excellent services that are easy and straightforward for people to use.

We are committed to creating a better experience for users.

We aim to do this by delivering policy outcomes that meet user need, and designing accessible public services as well as internal DfE ones.


All of our roles offer flexible working patterns. We have great learning and development opportunities, excellent annual leave, and all members of staff have the opportunity to take 5 volunteering days a year to do charity work.

Our vacancies