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Frankie Roberto

Frankie Roberto is an interaction designer for the Apply for teacher training service.

Overcoming different ways of working to improve a public service

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Illustration showing ‘Previous flow’ and ‘New flow’. The previous flow starts with a screen titled ‘Requesting a reference’, then ‘Check your answers before sending your request’ then there’s an alarm clock with the title ‘Wait for references’ followed by a screen titled ‘Which 2 references do you want to include in the application?’ followed finally by ‘Send application’. In the new flow, the first screen is titled ‘References to be requested if you accept an offer’ followed by sending the application, then a step titled ‘Receive offer’ and then a screen titled ‘Confirm your reference details and accept your offer’ followed by an alarm clock with the title ‘Wait for references

People who apply for teaching training have found that getting 2 references before submitting an application, can be a real barrier. Here, Frankie Roberto and Myles Jarvis go into more detail about how data, research and working more closely with policy colleagues has brought about a significant change.