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Podcast – Think digital, act human: neurodiversity is a superpower

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Here is our seventh episode of the ‘Think digital, act human’ podcast. It’s the last one in our pilot series.

We asked the question can neurodiversity be a super power on a product delivery team?

Content Designer Laura Croft and Lead User Researcher Simon Hurst, give us some fascinating insight about how the wiring in their brains helps them to flourish in their digital and technology roles.

But it’s not always plain sailing – listen to them tell it like it is.

They explain what ADHD, autism and dyslexia feel like in the workplace, and how their openness is making a big difference to others.

Let us know what you think.

If you’re short on time, you can fast forward.

1:33   Simon explains what neurodiversity is
4:19   Laura talks about how her dyslexia is her superpower
6:16   Simon talks about how his ADHD can help or hinder his work
12:52 debate about whether everyone should get a reasonable adjustment if only one person needs it
18:13 Simon talks about why it’s important to think of neurodiversity as a superpower
24:32 Laura talks about applying her strengths to the digital world
27:39 Simon talks about being Accessibility lead for Digital and Technology
31:27 Simon talks about being tested for autism at work and employers or peers spotting signs
37:12 the neurodiversity community at DfE
40:39 building a community by being open, creating a manual of me and talking about your neurodiversity

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  1. Comment by Bethan Woodhead posted on

    This is such a great podcast and covers such a lot of ground. Hearing from colleagues who are neurodivergent is so helpful . If anyone want's to learn more here is a link to our page and please do join our MS teams page